Greyhound Stadium To See Boost In Numbers With Good Friday Drinks

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Kingdom Greyhound

Kingdom Greyhound Stadium.

HUNDREDS are expected to head to the Kingdom Greyhound Stadium this Friday to avail of the sale of licensed alcohol…and the dog racing of course!

A loophole in the drinking laws means that greyhound tracks around the country can serve alcohol on Good Friday – one of only two designated ‘dry days’ annually.

Kingdom Greyhound Stadium began serving alcohol on Good Friday three years ago and has seen an upturn in the amount of people going there on the holy day since then.

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“For the last couple of Good Fridays the crowd has been much bigger than our normal Friday night crowd,” said Manager of Kingdom Greyhound Stadium, Declan Dowling.

“We get a lot of people that wouldn’t necessarily be regulars, people would come for something different and obviously we have the bar open so that would help as well,” said Declan Dowling.

“The Irish Greyhound Board wasn’t aware that the tracks around the country could serve alcohol so when we found out we could a few years ago, we went ahead and did it,” said Declan.

There are some people who think businesses should not serve alcohol on Good Friday.

“It’s people’s personal choice if they want to come along or not. It’s up to them whether they want to go greyhound racing and if they don’t, that’s fine too,” he said.

Racing begins on Good Friday at 7.43pm.

They are running a Good Friday promotion where you get admission to stadium, race programme, reserved area for your party and a finger food platter for €15. Minimum booking of 10 people required.

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