Irish Women’s Soccer Team Boss Sends Best Wishes To Park FC Girls

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Philip Dewey of Thorn Lighting presenting footballs to the St Brendan’s Park FC Girls Squad.

THE coach of the Republic of Ireland Women’s soccer team has passed on her good wishes to the young girls in St Brendan’s Park FC, whose squad ranks have swelled in the past 18 months since their formation.

Manager, Vera Pauw, who is a big supporter of the 20×20 movement, wished the St Brendan’s girls luck in the future: “To all the girls in St Brendan’s Park FC, I want to wish you all the best and good luck in your career. I am sure that we will meet soon and who knows, some of you will have the talent to grow, but enjoy the game and each other.”

The good wishes come as the squad has secured the support of a lighting company, Thorn Lighting, to help the club shine into the future after they surpassed the 30-player mark less than two years after its formation.

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They have supplied the club with 20 footballs to mark the landmark year of the 20×20 movement for women’s sport in Ireland.

The 20×20 movement is focused on a cultural shift in Ireland so that girls and women in sport are seen as strong, valuable and worth celebrating.

The Chairman of St Brendan’s Park FC, George Dineen, said: “Our girls squad has grown at a wonderful rate since the players first came together in May 2019.

“They started with only 14 players aged between 9 and 12 but they now have 31 players in the ranging from the ages of 9 to 14. We are grateful to Thorn Lighting who have supplied the girls with 20 footballs which will help them train better. The sooner the teams can resume competitive action the better for all.”

Phil Dewey from Thorn Lighting said: “As a father of two girls and one boy who play sport, I have seen the difference in approach to their respective development and it’s not fair. I was delighted to donate footballs to my daughters’ team with the support of my bosses at Thorn Lighting.”

The Chairman of St Brendan’s Park FC, George Dineen has thanked the parents of the girls who have joined the club and he expressed his gratitude to the coaching team who have given their time to help the players develop their talent on the pitch.

‘If you can’t see it, you can’t be it’ is the 20×20 slogan and anyone interested in joining St Brendan’s Park FC Girls Team can contact or visit

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