Kenneth Hopes To Teach GAA Skills To Students In North Korea

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Kenneth Quillinan with a student from Pyongyang University featured in the video of photos he uploaded to YouTube.

A TRALEE man has posted a YouTube video of his trip to a North Korean University in July and he hopes to return next year to teach GAA skills to students.

Kenneth Quillinan, originally from Oakpark, is an English and Academic Writing Instructor at Kyungpook National University, in Daegu, South Korea for the past four years.

In July of this year he volunteered at Pyongyang University of Science and Technology (PUST) in North Korea, teaching English and introducing new sports such as softball, darts and badminton to the students for the first time ever.

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“It was an unpaid volunteering opportunity but the rewards were much bigger than any pay check I will ever receive,” reads Kenneth’s account on YouTube.

“There is a lot of promise in North Korea and I witnessed it firsthand as I interacted with a group of students at PUST that are beyond a justified description,” continued Kenneth.

“They are the future of North Korea and PUST provides a window to the outside world for these students. It provides hope and that is the first step to reformation.”

Although it is not confirmed yet, Kenneth hopes to return next year to North Korea and if he does, he plans on introducing GAA to students.

Kenneth is a brother of former Austin Stacks player and coach, Wayne Quillinan and will be keeping an eye on how the county final goes on Sunday…even though he’s a Na Gaeil man!

See Kenneth’s video of his July visit to North Korea (below) where it looks like the students lead their lives, in many ways, similar to other places in the world…

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