Listellick Pupils ‘Grow Happier’ With Yoga, Dance And Mindfulness

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Paola Kennedy teaching the Grow Happier programme at Listellick NS on Thursday morning. Photo by Dermot Crean

ALL pupils in Listellick N.S. took part in the “Let’s Grow Happier” programme for 6 weeks this term.

This programme, devised by Paola Kennedy, is all about empowering pupils to reach their full potential and to teach them how to be kind, respectful, more confident, calmer, happier and less anxious.

Paola Kennedy facilitated the programme with all classes. Pupils were introduced to yoga, dance, and mindfulness each week with an emphasis on breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation.

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Principal Annette Dineen said; “Wellbeing and positive mental health are very important for all of us and in Listellick we try to work on this at every opportunity. The Parents’ Council part funded this initiative and we are very grateful for their support”.

Feedback from pupils, teachers, parents and grandparents was very positive and many felt the programme should be included in the school curriculum to ensure an enriching holistic learning experience in mind and body.

The children used some of the ‘happy tools’ that they learned about at home when they were upset or angry. The pupils enjoyed the time out from school work and learned some valuable skills to help them in their daily lives.

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