Louise Surpasses Gofundme Target To Get Treatment For Chronic Lyme Disease

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Louise O’Sullivan from Tralee has reached her target of €29,000 to get treatment for Chronic Lyme disease in Germany.

A GOFUNDME page, set up by a Tralee woman has reached its target and she has planned to travel to Germany for treatment for Chronic Lyme disease.

Louise O’Sullivan from Tralee, now living in Galway, has been suffering with Lyme Disease for almost two years and her only hope was to visit St Georges Clinic in Germany to receive three weeks of intense treatments so she can fully recover.

She started a gofundme page on October 3 and the public response to her plight has been phenomenal. Louise needed to raise €29,000 for the treatment but she has now raised over €30,000.

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A delighted Louise has already booked treatment at the clinic for the end of this month. She thanked everyone for their support on her gofundme page.

“To say thank you to you all just doesn’t seem enough,” she said in an update on her gofundme page. “I’m completely blown away by everyone’s generosity in giving me the opportunity to get well again. I hope that I can, in some way, pay it forward when I regain my health.”

Louise has decided to keep the fund open for now, as there are still some upcoming fundraising events planned. Any monies leftover after treatment/go fund me costs are paid, will be donated to ‘Tick Talk Ireland’ for Lyme disease awareness in Ireland.

“If you would like to see my recovery journey while in Germany, I have created a page on Facebook namely ‘Lou’s Lyme recovery journey’ and will be posting info and updates there,” she added. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me the opportunity to get my health back.”

Louise (37), who has been living in Galway for the past 16 years, said she contracted the disease on December 8, 2019, after she was bitten at a sports ground in Galway.

Since the diagnosis, she described the last two years as “a living hell for me and my loved ones” and has gone on to develop Chronic Lyme Disease.

Louise is currently taking 25 pills a day along with many other herbal protocols and tinctures. For the past two years basic medicine for Lyme has cost her a minimum of €800 per month, every month.

Louise says Chronic Lyme disease is not recognised in Ireland and therefore there is no public treatment available bar private treatment. At St Georges Clinic in Germany she will receive three weeks of intense treatments.

If you would like to contribute more to Louise’s campaign, please click on the following link https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-louise-travel-to-germany-for-treatment?qid=c79c28a8a5a307680a5a943f744a39bc

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    Delighted 🙂
    I hope Louise makes a full recover.