Old Chimney At Island Of Geese Being Considered As Location For ‘Tralee’ Sign

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How it was envisaged the old chimney and public realm at the Island of Geese site would look like in the masterplan which was published in summer of 2018.

THE chimney at the old Denny site is being considered as a location for a sign spelling out Tralee in large letters.

At the Tralee Municipal District meeting on Monday, Cllr Norma Foley, asked that the Council erect a large sign depicting the name of the town in big bold letters at an appropriate location.

She said the sign could have potential to be a significant tourist attraction and encourage people to be photographed at the sign and post images on social media.

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Cllr Foley said she has seen people posing in front of the Kerry Group sign outside their headquarters and that such a sign would give a ‘destination Tralee’ aspect to the town.

In reply, Council management said options are being considered to depict the name on the old chimney at the Island of Geese/old Denny site. Details of this will be developed after the construction of the public realm later in 2020. Other locations in town will also be considered.


  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    A sign spelling out Tralee in large letters, just in case you forget you are in Tralee!
    Tralee is no Hollywood.

    It will be a major landmark regardless of anything. However, by lining the inside of the old chimney with lights being projected upwards into the sky it could have a column of light rising high above which would surpass St Johns church spire. In fact it could be a monument to rival the spire in O’Connell Street in Dublin if done correctly.

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  2. Swifts nested in the old chimney last summer so care would need to be taken to ensure any such signage wouldn’t interfere with them in the future.