Fashion: A Winters Tale

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orlagh wintersMeet Our New Fashion Writer, Orlagh Winters, Who Is Welcoming The Onset Of Summer Into Her Wardrobe

OH crikey it is here!

How did that happen so soon? I am talking about Summer of course!

As a lover of the colour black, every year I reluctantly add some colour to my wardrobe. This year the transition has been a lot easier. This I can attribute to the fabulous shades that are currently on sale in our local boutiques.

There have been some superb fashion shows recently and all the shops are showing a stunning array of colours. From the eyecatching neons to the subtle pastel shades,  there really is no excuse to dress like the black widow this season.

Here in Kerry we are blessed to have such fantastic shops that offer everything that the larger cities do but we have an advantage too, excellent service in our shops.

Shop owners and employees are very good at getting to know their customers and giving us invaluable advice. I recently visited one such boutique in Tralee and was actually grateful when the owner told me that a dress, that I thought I was “only gorgeous” in, was definitely not for me.

Having seen it in a model in a fashion show since, I know that I certainly was never going to do it justice – not until my recently found love/hate for the gym starts to show results at least.

When that happens there will be no stopping me because let’s face it; we all look better when we are a little leaner for the Summer.

Iota, Jasmine, Shindig and Annburys are all awash with the perfect shades for Summer. Check them out and see for yourself, trust me you won’t be disappointed.

Summer occasions always bring out the fashionistas in force and the wonderful thing about these shops are that they cater for all styles, shapes and sizes.

If the bright colours frighten you somewhat, well fear not, as you can always add a splash of the trend by accessorising with shoes, belts or bags.

This is also a relatively inexpensive way to change your look around. My very own Irish Mammy has commented on more than one occasion that I think I am a centipede with the amount of shoes I own and if I am honest she has a point (not that I will ever admit that to her).

I see buying shoes as saving money as I avoid buying a complete outfit. Ok, who am I kidding, I still buy the full outfit, but the good intention was there!

Bags this season are simply stunning and I really believe if bags were currency I would be a very rich gal.

Satchels, cross-body, clutches and shoulder are all hanging in my wardrobe and I’ve no doubt that if my bank manager ever wondered where my money goes he would have to look no further than said wardrobe.

As the famous Sex and the City columinst  Carrie Bradshaw famously once said: “I like my money where I can see it….hanging in my closet”

On that note I better go pay my visa bill!

Until next time, Be Your Own Style Queen!

Orlagh x


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