Public Meeting To Help Tralee Become An Autism Friendly Town

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Promoting the upcoming meeting to help the initiative to make Tralee an Autism Friendly Town were, in front; Sandra Lynch of Garveys Supervalu Tralee, Mayor of Tralee Jim Finucane and Dr Susan Lawlor with supporters of the initiative. Photo by Dermot Crean

A TOWN-WIDE programme is being launched in Tralee to encourage parents, friends, businesses and organisations to engage in a new initiative to promote Tralee as an Autism-Friendly Town, with a public meeting promoting the initiative to be held at the end of the month

‘AsIAm’, an Autism advocacy organisation is working with Garveys SuperValu Store to make Tralee town more accessible and inclusive.

As part of the initiative, Tralee town will have representatives from various sectors, businesses, organisations and voluntary groups that will participate in training and organisational changes in order to receive Autism-friendly accreditation.

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To achieve accreditation the following criteria must be fulfilled. The Tralee ‘AsIAm’ group must engage, train and gain the support of 20-50% of Public Services, Hospitality, Retail, Sports and Leisure, Education and Voluntary Organisations.

Garveys Supervalu has been directly involved in this initiative saying; “Garveys SuperValu Tralee have always been proud supporters of the local community and are delighted to be part of this new initiative”.

Garveys SuperValu have already rolled out Autism-Friendly shopping evenings instore, Wednesdays, 6:00-9:00 pm weekly and have also introduced the ALF trolley (Autism Lifeskills Friend).

The training and change model involves showcasing and implementing steps such as Autism friendly times in store, create a calm environment where sensory stimulation is reduced by diming lighting, not using PA systems, visual aids/maps instore.

Businesses may be able to offer sensory boxes on request if someone is struggling with sensory issues, display a sticker or notice at the entrance of the premises to advise /alert the public of autism friendly times and to be aware of autism friendly hours, recognise the importance of assistance dogs and develop visual aids/stories in stores and town.

To begin the journey to becoming an Autism-Friendly town, there will be a public meeting in The Rose Hotel, January 30th at 7:30pm.

Mayor of Tralee, Cllr. Jim Finucane who is supporting the initiative said; “I’m delighted that Tralee has begun the journey to becoming an Autism Friendly Town and I would urge the wider community to encourage and assist the town so that the lives of those with Autism together with their families can be improved and supported”.

Guest speaker and CEO of AsIAm, Adam Harris, will also attend and will offer an insight into the initiative, the importance of an Autism Friendly Town and much more.

There will also be an opportunity for Q&A with guest speakers and members of the panel on the night. Those interested in engaging in this initiative will have the opportunity to forward their information and join in the initiative.

Equally the organisers are hoping to have volunteers join and become part of the committee or provide invaluable insight /ideas into helping Tralee succeed in becoming an Autism-Friendly Town.

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  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    I do not recall there ever been so many people affected with Autism in our society!

    Some say, there was just not enough diagnosis in the past. An argument, I find very hard to believe.

    Some say it is the vaccinations. I can understand this argument more as the numbers of combined vaccinations into just 1 injection has increased to 6 in 1? With no affect!

    It seems to be the MMR injection which seems to be most concerning to people and even some medical professionals.

    Personally would rather my child injected 3 different times with a number of days between for the MMR. But, we are given no choice!

    Who knows – not me – I do not have a Medical Doctorate.

    But, something is wrong with this increase in Autism cases.

    There is a lot of conjecture and not a lot of trust for big business or their influenced politicians.

    You just have to look at the link between pesticide spraying, the cancer connection and how lobbying works (often ex politicians hired by big business) in the EU and how a dangerous pesticide is not ban from our foods or even fluoride being put into our drinking water!

    But, it’s great all the corporations have to do is set up some climate change NGO’s to question climate change policy and that is the main concern, not the food, water or vaccination of the Animals we consume or us!

    It’s a bit like how your eyes have been placed by the corporation controlled media on Prince Harry and off Prince Andrew!

    Something wrong with all this! don’t you think. 😉