Spring Says Leadership Issue Might Destabilise Coalition

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Labour Deputy Arthur Spring.

DEPUTY Arthur Spring has said that there is a possibility that the current Labour leadership issue might destabilise the Government.

Mr Spring was speaking on the Kerry Today show on Radio Kerry this morning where he told host, Jerry O’Sullivan, that if given the chance to serve in a new cabinet he would ensure Tralee and Kerry would benefit such an appointment.

He also said he will listen to all candidates looking for his support for the leadership.

Mr O’Sullivan asked him could the coalition be destabilised by the Labour leadership issue.

“It might. There’s no point in saying that it won’t. It might and we need to see how a new leader of the party is going to align themselves with a coalition partner and what priorities they’re going to be able to do and they’re also going to look at a new programme for Government I’d imagine,” said Deputy Spring.

He was then asked if the first decision of a new Labour leader would be whether to stay in Government or not.

“I’d imagine that will be done before that date, because when a person makes their pitch [for party leader] they’re going to say how they envisage the country going forward and how the role of the Labour party will be played out in that. So we’ll know that prior to July 4/5,” he said.

The Radio Kerry host asked him had he ambitions of going for the leadership himself?

“I’ve been approached by a number of people but I don’t think I’m in that place at the moment. I’m three years into my political career in Dail Eireann and we’ve got people more experienced and knowledgable than myself,” he said.

Would he like to be in cabinet after the dust settles asked O’Sullivan?

“I don’t know if my time has come but I would recognise that there has to be a rebalancing towards Kerry and towards Tralee and if I am in a position to get to cabinet I would ensure that would happen, but let’s wait and see,” he said.

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