VIDEO: Castleisland Woman Finds Another ‘Twin Stranger’, This Time In Italy

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Niamh Geaney with the first person she found who looked almost identically like her.

REMEMBER the Castleisland student who found her doppelganger as part of a social experiment (see previous story here)?

Well she’s gone and found another one!

Twenty-year-old Niamh and her two friends, Terence Manzanga and Harry English from Dublin City University are taking part in an experiment called Twin Stranger where they made a bet to see who could find their closest doppelganger in just 28 days.

In March, they put out a call to the public  to submit photos of anyone who looked like them and after two weeks Niamh found a woman called Karen who fit the bill .

Now Niamh’s has found another woman, via the website, that who bears an amazing likeness to her  and she travelled to the Italian city of Genoa to meet her. It’s another remarkable resemblance.

Watch the meeting below…

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