VIDEO/PHOTOS: Hundreds Protest Through Town Against Water Charges

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Michael Barrett and Helen Egan from The Kerries on the protest against water charges through the town on Saturday. Photo by Dermot Crean

A CROWD of around 400 people took part in a march through Tralee on Saturday, to protest against water charges.

The protest was organised by a combination of parties and organisations including Mandate, Unite, Sinn Fein, Right2Water, Independent TDs and councillors.

“We all came together in this campaign; people from all political persuasions and none are here today,” said Cllr Toireasa Ferris of Sinn Fein.

“The people of Tralee have come out to send a message to Arthur Spring and Jimmy Deenihan that they are not going to pay the water charges and they need to impress on Government how important it is to reverse the decision to charge people for a basic necessity,” she said.


Cllr Toireasa Ferris on the protest. Photo by Dermot Crean

Nobody needs to pay for water. From what we understand, there will be a revenue of €300m created by this. If they just standardised pension tax reliefs for the wealthy, you would generate that and more,” she continued.

The protest made its way from the Horan Centre to the constituency office of Labour Deputy Arthur Spring in Rock Street, where a letter was delivered explaining why the Right2Water group was against the water charges.

Deputy Spring wasn’t there so it was pushed through the letterbox.

The protest then made its way to town through the Mall and into the Square where a number of speeches were made. spoke to some of the people on the protest.

“Enough is enough,” said Alan Kelleher from Killorglin. “Where is it going to stop? Household charges, water charges…they can find millions and millions for the banks and installing meters. If they used what they got properly….that’s what’s wrong,” he said.

“I feel very strongly about this issue,” said Helen Egan from The Kerries. “It’s because of the way it’s been set up, because of the bonuses. It’s another way of skimming money from the little people and giving it to the mandarins,” said Helen.

Michael O’Gorman from Ballybunion was one of the organisers and said the big march is next week.

“We’re calling for people to come out in every town and village next Saturday to come out and protest. This is only the start of it.”

The next protest takes place from the Horan Centre next Saturday at a time to be confirmed.

The video below features footage of the protest through town and short excerpts of speeches from Martin Ferris and Michael Healy Rae. Scroll further down for more photos.




Noreen Horgan from Shanakill and Cllr Sam Locke deliver a letter from Right2Water to the offices of Deputy Arthur Spring, watched by Brian Finucane of People Against Profit. Photo by Dermot Crean


Brian Finucane of People Against Profit on the megaphone with Cllr Pa Daly and Deputy Martin Ferris of Sinn Fein, Michael O’Gorman and Phil Horgan of Right2Water, Deputy Michael Healy Rae and Cllr Sam Locke. Photo by Dermot Crean


Donie Grifin and Alan Kelleher from Killorglin on the protest on Saturday. Photo by Dermot Crean


The crowd from the protest listening to speakers in the Square. Photo by Dermot Crean


Michael Healy Rae speaking at the protest in the Square. Photo by Dermot Crean


Protesters on Saturday’s march. Photo by Dermot Crean


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