Wish You Were Here…Eight Years Ago!

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Breda O’Shea who sent a postcard (below) from her holiday in Tenerife eight years ago and it only arrived in November.

HERE’S a funny one!

It was a long time coming, but Betty O’Shea from the Spa, finally found out how her daughter was getting on on her holidays…eight years later.

Breda O’Shea from Ballinorig was in the Canaries back in October 2008, with her daughter Deborah and aunt Katherine, when she decided to send her mother Betty a postcard.

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The long awaited postcard.

“We were on holidays in Tenerife about eight years ago and we decided to send back a postcard,” said Breda. “We thought we’d be back before it arrived because it normally takes about two weeks for it to get home. When we got back we thought nothing of it,” she said.

Then back in November 2015, Betty O’Shea was checking her mail when the postcard turned up.

“She was looking at it thinking ‘who do I know on holidays in Tenerife at the moment?’. She was speechless when she realised what had happened,” said Breda.

The postcard read: “Hello all! Having a ball in Tenerife as ye already know! Weather is beautiful and food and entertainment very good too. I will be home before postcard. So see ye soon. Love Debs and Bunty and Katherine.”

So how was the holiday?

“It was great, we’ll have to go back now and see how long the next postcard takes!” said Breda.

I’d say an email would be a safer bet!

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