Petrol Prices Continue To Rise As We Survey Who’s Cheapest

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Texico in Blennerville

Texico in Blennerville

THERE’s been a substantial rise in the price of petrol in the Tralee area over the past month.

In that time it has risen from its cheapest price of  €1.26.8 per litre to €1.34.9. Petrol has continued to rise since January when a litre costed as low as  €1.22.8.

There has also been a change in who has the cheapest in town. Jumping up three places, Texaco in Blennerville is now the cheapest place around town to fill up at  €1.34.9.

The dearest remains, as it has since January, the McElligott’s garage, Texaco, at a price of €1.38.9 per litre.

The second cheapest places to get fuel are the Applegreen stations in Faries Cross and Manor Village at a price of €1.35.8.

In the middle of the pack at a price of €1.35.9 are Inver, Castlemaine Road, Esso, NCR and Top in the Horan Centre.

At the bottom of the table are the Amber station opposite Shanakill and Texaco McElligott’s.

How petrol and diesel prices (checked on Thursday morning) rank in town:

1. Texaco, Blennerville – €1.34.9 (Diesel €1.28.9)

2. Applegreen, Fairies Cross and Manor Village – €1.35.8 (Diesel €127.8)

3. Inver, Castlemaine Road – €1.35.9 (Diesel €1.27.9)

Esso, NCR – €1.35.9 (Diesel €128.9)

Top, Horan Centre – €1.35.9 (Diesel €127.9)

4.  Esso, Quill Street – €1.36.9 (Diesel €1.28.9)

Inver, Kellihers – €1.36.9 (Diesel €1.28.9)

Topaz, Manor West and Mounthawk – €1.36.9 (Diesel €1.28.9)

5.  Amber, Shanakill – €1.37.9 (Diesel €1.29.9)

6. Texaco, McElligott’s – €1.38.9 (Diesel €1.29.9)

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