Cars Block Slipway For Banna Rescue Lifeboat During Weekend

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Cars parked in front of Banna Rescue on Monday.

BANNA Rescue is asking people to park responsibly when visiting the beach during the fine weather, after some visitors blocked the slipway for the lifeboat with their cars over the weekend.

The past few days have seen saw huge numbers flock to the popular beach but some are causing problems for the vital, life-saving service that is Banna Rescue.

They also had a difficultly on Monday where a number of vehicles blocked the lifeboat Emergency Shutters at the boathouse.

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Tom Ward, Chairman of Banna Rescue said; “In the event of an emergency, the unit could have been delayed or even prevented from launching. In an emergency we need to be on the water a quick as possible. Banna is fortunate to have a large number of parking facilities.

“We would ask visitors to be sensitive to where they park. Even on the approach road, vehicles were parked on double yellow’s and if other emergency services, such as the National Ambulance Service or Kerry Fire Service needed access to the beach they too would have had difficultly.”


  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    Why are the inconsiderate owners of the vehicles allowed to do this!
    Towing, impounding and fines should all be introduced by Kerry County Council.
    Banna Rescue are wasting their time appealing to such people.

  2. des o connell says:

    The picture on your website does not show a yellow box in front of the door. Given that some people need everything pointed out to them in triplicate, then perhaps the council can paint a yellow box with NO PARKING written in the middle of it to inform people not to park there. Council should have a contract with a local breakdown service to lift and impound the vehicle with a huge fine to get the car back.

  3. Pat delaney says:

    Why were the registration plates not shown.