Diabetes Ireland To Hold Meeting In Tralee Next Week

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Diabetes Ireland are all set to host their good management information evening on April 26th.

DIABETES Ireland will hold a meeting in Tralee which will focus on the practice of good management of diabetes in daily life and how it can be harmful when not controlled properly.

The meeting which will be called ‘Head to Toe Management’ will be held in the Fels Point Hotel on Sunday, April 26 at 2pm.

The workshops on the day will focus on a variety of different aspects of living with the ‘disease’ from the initial emotions felt at diagnosis to talks on concerns about what complications may arise in the future.

There will be two different workshops for those who attend with one being on ‘Type 1 Diabetes’ and the other being held on ‘Type 2’.

The Type 1 diabetes workshops will focus on aspects from the emotional impact of diagnosis to the stress of daily living with the condition such as managing insulin adjustment, good food choices and exercise to prevent high and low blood glucose levels, lifestyle issues and concerns people face in relation to avoidance of diabetes related complications.

The Type 2 diabetes workshop then will seek to educate attendees on the impact of Type 2 diabetes on the cardiovascular system, the importance of taking medications, keeping to a healthy diet and including physical activity in day to day life. Attendees will also learn about importance of recognising the danger signs of developing eye and footcare problems and taking early preventative action.

“Diabetes affects people from all walks of life and from very young to the very old. This means that the needs of people at different times of their lives vary significantly and rather than have a “one size fits all” meeting, we are running separate themed education workshops for people with Type 1 diabetes, Parents & Teens with Type 1 diabetes and for people with Type 2 diabetes. This ensures that the information provided is relevant to their current day to day lives and any issues and concerns they may have,” said Dr Anna Clarke of ‘Diabetes Ireland’.

People must pre-register for this meeting and can do so by contacting Diabetes Ireland on 1850 909 909/ 01 8428118 with registration costing €5 per person.

The full programme can be read here.



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