Ferris Advises People On Medical Cards Charged For GP Blood Tests To Seek Reimbursement

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Cllr Toireasa Ferris.

TRALEE Municipal District Sinn Féin councillor, Toireasa Ferris, has advised medical card holders that they should not be charged for blood tests by their GPs.

Councillor Ferris has been contacted by a number of constituents, one of whom is a patient recovering from cancer, about the issue.

“I have told them and I would urge anyone in a similar situation to contact the HSE for a full reimbursement which they are entitled to.

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“Under the Health Act 1970,  it is stated a general practitioner may not charge the patient if the patient is eligible for free general medical services, including in the event that a patient needs bloods to be taken to either assist in the process of diagnosis or monitor a diagnosed condition.

Patients have enough to worry about than being billed for something they are entitled to free of charge,” she said.

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  1. Mags knightly says:

    This has been the case with a long time at the preactive I attend -other items charged for too including €10 charge for any letters one requires