Is The Old Oak Premises To Reopen As A Music Venue?

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The Old Oak on Rock Street. Is it about to reopen?

THERE is speculation that a former pub on Rock Street is to reopen in the coming months as a music venue.

The Old Oak Bar closed 10 years ago and the building has been idle since. However, last week, workmen moved in and there is work ongoing at the premises.

Local sources say the business is to open again as a music venue.

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However, when contacted management at the Old Oak in Cork, which owns the business, and asked them if there was any truth to the speculation, they said they are not at liberty to say anything about the future of the Tralee venue for the time being and politely refused to confirm or deny if the rumours were true.

The Old Oak opened in the late 90s and was a very popular live music venue in town with acts like Aslan and Fionn Regan playing there.

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