VIDEOS: Five Quarter-Finals Where Kerry Let Loose

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SINCE the quarter-finals began in 2001 Kerry have appeared every year, winning 13 out of 15 encounters.

In that time there was a few close shaves, more damp squibs than you would care to remember and also a handful blistering performance where the men in green and gold shot the lights out.

While some people are talking up Clare, it’s pretty clear if Kerry players are fighting for places in a potential showdown with Dublin in four weeks, we could see a serious performance from the lads in green and gold. A bit like the five below…

1. Kerry 7-16 Kildare 0-10 (2015) winning margin 27 points

We don’t have to go back far to find Kerry’s biggest landslide win in a quarter-final. It was the second time that summer that Kildare went down by 27 points having also been demoralised by Dublin by the same margin in the Leinster Final.

Colm Cooper hit two goals along with Darran O’Sullivan. With a goal each were, Donnchadh Walsh, Barry John Keane and Stephen O’Brien.



2. Kerry 1-24 Dublin 1-7 (2009) winning margin 17 points

This match is arguably Kerry’s most complete performance in Croke Park and it equalled the county’s greatest ever win against Dublin in the All-Ireland championship.

The Gooch’s early goal set up what was to become a 70 minute onslaught on the Boys in Blue which stunned the Hill to silence.

3. Kerry 1-20 Limerick 0-10 (2011) winning margin 13 points

Limerick, having made the quarter-finals for the first time in their history, must have felt sick when they were drawn to face their neighbour and perennial tormentor and you had to feel for them.

It would have been one to forget had it not been for an audacious back-heeled goal by Darran O’Sullivan who was in flying form at the time.

4. Kerry 3-15 Armagh 1-13 (2006) winning margin 8 points

This sound victory against a very good Armagh side should have rubbished the notions that Kerry couldn’t handle Ulster opposition, but that fallacy would hang around their necks for a few more years to come.

The game also properly announced Kieran Donaghy on the big stage. The Stacks man’s in-your-face attitude to a hard Armagh rearguard became one of the defining images of the era.

5. Kerry 2-17 Galway 1-12 (2002) winning margin 8 points

Having sustained an awful defeat against Meath in the All-Ireland semi-final the previous year, this was a Kerry performance where they announced they were back.

A 19-year-old Colm Cooper made his championship debut in Croke Park and fired over four points in the process. Goals from Sean O’Sullivan and Aodhán MacGearailt helped Kerry to victory.

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