Non-Locals Spent Nearly €100,000 During Tralee Marathon Stay

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‘Run The Kingdom’ has published the ‘Economic Impact Assessment’ report on the Tralee International Marathon.

NON-LOCAL participants in the Tralee Marathon generated almost €100,000 during the event according to a survey by the event organisers.

‘Run The Kingdom’, the management company behind the event, recently published their economic report on the this years Tralee International Marathon.

In it, they go into detail about the average age of the participants, the types of accommodation used by those who travelled, the average length of a stay in town and the geographical origins of the non-local runners.

The marathon, now in its third year, has grown into a tourist attraction in itself, one which has had a massive impact on the economy of the town.

The report reveals that the event’s 331 non-local participants – out of the 950 who registered – generated €97,953. This money was distributed among the main sectors of the tourism industry such as accommodation, food & drinks, retail shopping, local transportation, tourist attractions and entertainment. The amount also includes entry fees.

The runner registration database showed the majority of participants (64%) were from Kerry, with 33% coming from outside of Kerry (Irish National). Three per cent of participants were International.

It was shown that the full marathon has the biggest potential to attract participants from outside of Kerry as it fielded a total of 55% of non-local participants whereas the half – marathon field only attracted 23% of non-locals.

The report shows that the event was a main factor in attracting guests to Tralee who would not have normally visited the town with over 88% of those surveyed stating the marathon was a main reason in them coming to the town.

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  1. Pat Sheehy says:

    Great to see these figures,listening to runners at recent events the cost of entry to these events is a major point of discussion.With the large amount of 10K, Half and Full marathons in the calender drawing from the same pool of runners numbers will fall.I would be interested to see what a regular participant would pay over the year to enter all events