Recovery Haven Kerry Welcomes New Members To Bereavement Support Group

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Claire Lyons Forde.

CANCER support charity, Recovery Haven Kerry, is reaching out to those bereaved by cancer to join their monthly bereavement support group, which begins again this November.

Facilitated by counsellor and psychotherapist, Claire Lyons Forde, the free online group meetings offer a safe, supportive and confidential environment to those struggling with the loss of a loved one through cancer.

Whether you want to share your own personal story or simply sit and listen to what is being discussed, the group has proven to be a huge source of support and comfort to those dealing with loss.

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“When a loved one dies, mourning is what we do and what people can see on the outside, but grief is what goes on in the inside.  Our experience of grief is individual to each one of us and is as unique as our fingerprint,” course facilitator Claire explained.

“At the Recovery Haven’s bereavement support group meetings, people are offered a warm and friendly welcome in a safe and confidential space. They have a choice of sitting quietly and listening to what is being said or taking part in the chat and sharing their story and what they find helpful as they journey through their own grief.

“Being in the company of others who understand the pain you are going through is comforting and can help people feel less alone. Bereavement support group meetings allow people to give themselves permission to grieve and just be themselves, knowing that they are fully supported as they do so.”

The group meets on the third Thursday of every month, with the next meeting taking place online on November 18thth. If you or someone you know would benefit from this group meeting, please contact Recovery Haven Kerry on 066 7192122 to join.

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