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THERE is a wonderful ancient piece of advice that I believe has its origin in Buddhist philosophy and it goes something like this.

‘Concentrate on the process and the results will come’.

If there is one flaw in this phrase it could be this. How can I concentrate on a process if I don’t know or have a process?

So to this end it is very important to work out a process/plan first of all and then work on it with diligence and the results/goal will be achieved.

The problem we very often have is that we concentrate too much on the result (goal) and that we do not pay enough attention to the process. It is important to note that a good process will also allow for blips on the way. We are human after all.

Two great examples of what I am saying come from sport.

1. Putting in Golf……..

The advice given is to have a good putting stroke and keep the head down as we stroke the ball towards the hole.

The biggest problem here is that very often we lift our heads (To see the result !! – is the ball in the hole), which in turn (by lifting our head) upsets the process. So on breakdown we are concentrating on the result and forgetting about the process. Not good for success.

2. Place kicking in rugby or football…….

A good place kicker will have practiced and practiced a good place kicking technique. He/She will know that any distraction from this process will be unhelpful.

Distractions like the size of the crowd, the noise of the crowd, the weather conditions, the importance of the kick, the position of the kick cannot disturb the good place kicker. If you notice even the very best do not flinch on whether the ball goes over the bar or not as long as the process is good.

The result can sometimes be beyond our control but process is always something we can work on.

As they say, How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, Practice, Practice.

Great sports people do not get too caught up in the result as long as they know that they have given their all.

They also are very much aware of the danger that many a team have messed up when they have lifted the cup/trophy in their heads before the game was over.

The trick is to concentrate totally on the process and let the result take care of itself.

To this end I have just watched our wonderful Irish Rugby team defeat Scotland this morning and what an example of concentrating on good process they demonstrated.

The result was great too!!

• Next week I am going to write about — My Greatest Awareness

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