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I CAME across the term ‘Lila’ (sometimes spelled Leela) a few years ago and found it most interesting.

It is of Sanskrit and Hindu origin from the East and can loosely be translated as a ‘Divine Play’.

From a Western point of view it would be ok to suggest that we can interpret this as looking at life in terms of ‘a game’.

Like any game, it is important to realise that there are rules and that of utmost importance is the attitude of the players should they wish to succeed.

At the outset, I think it would we fair to examine what is meant by ‘success’.

Well to this end I believe that most people would say that they are searching for happiness in their lives.

Everyone living or  those who have lived in the past is involved in one way or another as part of this game of life.

The real beauty of the game can sometimes be best observed when we stand back from it and examine (a) How it is going?  and (b) are there any rules or tactics that I need to pay more attention to.

Every good  team needs a good coach and advisory bench to succeed and sometimes it is best if we can stand back and assess the game even while it is being played out.

To this end, for me, one of the best tactics in the game of life is to learn to meditate.

It allows us to observe our lives and the lives of others in a non-judgemental way so that we can adapt the rules even when the game is live.

I first came across this wonderful tactic for living from reading that wonderful book called ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle. Thank you Eckhart.

This is what Jesus meant when he gave us the advice “Be still and know that I Am God”.

Just like any great coach He also gave us another great piece of advice when He said “I Am (Is) The way the truth and the life”

He was telling that the best way to play the game of life ‘Lila’ is to be present and that if we remain in this state of presence then He will  always be available us and that success was thus inevitable.

Side note: That is why mindfulness has become so popular – good advice is good advice !

Like any game, there will always be ups and downs. There will be times when we think that things are  really not going our way and the hills might look too difficult to climb.

It is in times like this that He tells us that we know that we need to go back to basics and follow His advice and to this effect, He is also shouting from the side-lines.

‘Trust in the process, come follow Me, and the results will come.’

If at all possible enjoy the game as laughter is the best medicine.

• Next week I am going to write about — ‘Take Time To Smell The Roses’

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