7 Leaving Cert Study Tips You Probably Shouldn’t Follow

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Not long now lads and lassies! But don’t fret, because Ryan Higgins and Oscar Brophy here at TraleeToday.ie have the perfect study tips to prepare for the Leaving Cert…ok, maybe not that perfect

1. Tidy your desk

Before you can even hope to start studying, you need to prepare a harmonious study area in order to achieve optimum energy flow.

Taking cues from the Chinese art of Fung Shui, arrange the furniture in your study room in a circular pattern around your desk to ensure all the essential knowledge-auras emanating from the objects in the room flow into your spiritual focal point.

The best time to start this process is at 11pm on the night before your first exam.

Remove valuables from desk before attempting

2. Choose the right study music

Some say background music hinders study. Well, what do ‘Some’ know? Slap on whatever feels right – be it Avicii’s Greatest Hits or NOW! That’s What I Call Death Metal – anything to help break the monotony and study til the break of dawn. Personally, nothing gets me more pumped for an exam than a bit of Wu-Tang.

3. Turn off your Internet connection

How many times have you said, “OK, tonight’s the night – I’m going to study like a madman!” only to have Facebook suck up your fast-dwindling study hours?

It’s happened to the best of us and – unless you have the concentration of a Buddhist monk – it’ll happen to you. The only safe option is to unplug your router and put it in the bin. You can buy a new one after the exams.

I know he throws his computer screen away, but there are litterally no gifs of people throwing routers away

4. Make comprehensive but concise notes

We all know school books have a lot of less-than-necessary information in them. Sometimes it helps if you extract the points you absolutely need to know and make a note of them.

These notes can then be studied, referenced later or written on to your forearms for revision during the exam. There are other methods that allow you to study during the exam with your classmates:

that class in Practical Origami really paid off

5. Put on the kettle

Tea is proven to increase memory retention by up to 20%. Five cups a day and you’ve doubled your memory! So just stick on the kettle, leaf through a book and wait for all this to blow over.

I studied Shaun of the Dead for my English exam. Then I found out it wasn't even on the curiculum.

6. Don’t do what Dexter did

As I’m sure you’ll all remember, there was a time when Dexter out of 90s Kids Show Dexter’s Laboratory tried to use the power of Science to get around actually studying for a French exam – with hilarious but disastrous results. So yeah, avoid that.

7. Keep your eyes on the prize

If you study hard, not only will you have all summer to slack off, you also have a better chance of getting in to college which in turn will give you a marginally better chance of getting a job and making CA$$$H MON€Y, Y’ALL!  This will be you:

Suit and computer not included

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