Another Spielberg Classic For The Town Park Next Weekend

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The town park will be showing another one of Spielberg’s classics next weekend when  ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ will be screened.

WHILE a few readers may have seen lights moving quickly in the sky and little green men in the town park over the years, it was probably down to a that third flagon of cider or smoking a bit too much when you were a teenager.

However, next Friday the park will see the return of the Secret Cine Club’s Free Summer Open Air Cinema and this time it’s Steven Spielberg’s classic ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’.

The influential movie about aliens visiting the midwest is a must for fans of great cinema and deserves to be seen on the big screen.

The film will be starting at 9.30pm but with gates opening at 7, it’s recommended you come early to get the best spot and have a picnic.

This will be the second time that the cinema screen will have come to the local park, as back in July when it showed ‘Raiders of The Lost Ark’, much to the delight of the hundreds of fans that came to watch it (Click here for previous story).

The weather that night was at times none too kind, so organisers and those thinking of attending will be hoping for drier weather this time around.

There are of course some rules and recommendations you have to abide by when attending the screening however, with there being a strictly no alcohol policy.

It is highly recommended too that you bring blankets and jackets to ensure you stay warm well into the night, with a strong hint too that insect repellent should be brought.

Everything and anything you need to know can be found out on the events Facebook page HERE, so please go and check that out.

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