Ashe Hotel’s Great ‘Park For Free When You Lunch At The Hotel’ Idea

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The Ashe Hotel have a great ‘park for free when you lunch at the hotel’ offer.

WE all know that free parking is a rare commodity in the town centre but one business has come up with a novel idea to change that.

The Ashe Hotel on Maine Street is to provide free parking for its lunchtime customers.

General Manager, Stephen O’Connor explains; “At The Ashe Hotel we have about 30 car spaces for our guests. As our guests check-out in the morning and do not return until evening, the spaces are available for use throughout the day. We have come up with an offer we call ‘eat and park’.

“All you have to do is pull up outside the Hotel, we will make a car space available. Dine from our delicious menu and you are free to park from noon until 4pm when our guests start to return.”

“This means you can have up to 4 hours free parking to undertake some shopping or business in the town centre. And of course our location means we are only a minute from the Mall and the main shopping area,” said Stephen.

To find out more, check out the advertisement at the top.

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