Bumbleance Wants You To Get Your Stripy Jumper On For Fundraiser

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KERRY-BASED charity BUMBLEance wants you to #GetYourStripeOn and take part in their Stripy Jumper Day on Friday, November 26 to raise funds for those who need it most.

Head of Communications and Fundraising, Heather Rainey, says: “It’s simple! We want to spread awareness of our service and raise these vital funds in an easy and fun way.”

BUMBLEance provides safe and comfortable transportation for Ireland’s youngest patients as they travel between their homes and hospitals, hospices, treatment centre, and respite centres nationwide. The service is totally free for service users.

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In the past number of years, BUMBLEance have seen an unfortunate rise in the need for their service so funds are needed, hence the Stripy Jumper Day initiative.

“Why not #GetYourStripeOn at your school as an alternative for non-uniform day?” added Heather.  “On the 26th, hang out with your friends, your community group, family – whoever! – in stripes just like our BUMBLEance Bee! The money raised will go straight to keeping the BUMBLEance wheels turning and helping as many families as possible,” she said.

There will be many competitions taking place on their social media accounts during the build up to Stripy Jumper Day.

Once you sign up, via www.bumbleance.com, you can set a target. €400 will cover the cost of an Angel Trip, which means that you will be helping BUMBLEance bring a terminally ill child home one last time before they pass.  Registrations are open now.

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