Burger King Tralee Issues Statement Regarding Comment On Facebook

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Burger King

Burger King in Tralee.

BURGER King Tralee have released a statement regarding the controversy around comments posted by a Facebook page called ‘Burger King Tralee’ yesterday.

An exchange between a customer and this ‘Burger King Tralee’ Facebook account, has taken the internet by storm and has been reported on a number of news websites.

The story goes that a customer reportedly posted a negative review on the this  ‘Burger King Tralee’ Facebook criticising the efficiency of its drive-thru service.

To which whoever was in charge of this account instructed the customer to ‘f*** off over to McDonald’s and eat their s*** food’.

After a number of online news reports and a social media furore, the following statement was released this afternoon by Burger King Tralee.

“We acknowledge that certain comments were posted on a Facebook page pretending to be Burger King Tralee. This is not an official Facebook page for Burger King Tralee. The comments that were made by an individual were unfortunate and do not reflect the views of Burger King Tralee. We apologise for any offence caused by the comments of this individual.”

This is the infamous post…



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  1. Eimear Kenny says:

    This isn’t the first incident. A similar incident happened on a Burger King Tralee page about 18 months ago and it was deleted also. If these pages are not real why do they keep appearing?
    Are there some people out there so bored with their own lives that they have to create fake pages and try and ruin a businesses reputation?