Car Breaking Red Light Leads To Gardaí Uncovering More Offences

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A CAR failing to stop at a red light led to more than Tralee gardaí anticipated recently, according to a post on their facebook page.

Gardaí followed and stopped the car after it ran the red light in town and found that the driver was a holder of a Learner Permit and did not have insurance.

When gardaí saw the male passenger was nervous and put something under seat, they investigated further and uncovered a sealed 200ml bottle of Hugo Boss aftershave with a retail value of €109.

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There was no sales receipt available so they enquired with colleagues in the Garda Communication Room which led to discovering that the property to have been stolen a half hour earlier from a local store.

The passenger was arrested and later charged with theft and to appear in District Court, while the driver was issued with a fixed charge penalty notice for driving past a red light and will also appear in court at a later date for driving without insurance. The vehicle was also seized.

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  1. Stephen Byrne says:

    Rather than increasing the number of speed cameras, they should be placed at traffic light junctions. Balloonagh traffic lights are ridiculous for drivers sailing through the red light Also lights at the Green school. I was the 3rd car back at those lights last Tuesday. The predestian lights went green, the 1st car took off through the junction! Then the opposite side got their filter arrow and the car in front of me took off through the junction nearly crashing into the car filtering across. Driving around town is getting dangerous