Chamber Alliance To Act On Results Of Shoppers Meeting

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The recent meeting of shoppers held in the Ashe Hotel.

RETAILERS in Tralee have committed to work through Tralee Chamber Alliance to better meet the needs of new and existing customers after receiving feedback from a recent Shoppers Meeting in the town.

The Alliance has identified a number of short, medium and long term actions that need to be taken in order to make Tralee the retail capital of Kerry.

Shoppers agreed last week that Tralee has excellent local retailers within close proximity to each other, but they would prefer to see the retailers to act as “we” rather than “I”.

At a follow-up meeting to digest the points raised by shoppers at last week’s meeting, the retailers thanked them for their honest suggestions that could help to make Tralee a top shopping town.

Shoppers and retailers will move forward collectively with Manor West Retail Park, which was represented at the Retailers meeting, to act as “we”, deliver as “we” and together with the broader business community make Tralee the Business Capital.

A greater buy-in from the wider business community to join Tralee Chamber Alliance was identified as a key starting point to making any in-roads into addressing the concerns of shoppers.

The CEO of Tralee Chamber Alliance, Kieran Ruttledge, said: “The more members we have the more united our voice will be when we approach Kerry County Council to request any change to parking fees or to introduce periods of free parking in the town. Membership fees go towards the marketing of Tralee as a shopping, tourism and business town and the more members we have, the more resources we will have to affect the changes that the public have requested. We will also meet with and ask the Chief Superintendent to take steps to address public concerns relating to public safety in the Town Park and The Square.”

A detailed survey of 40 retailers in Tralee and a measurement of footfall in four areas in the town centre were conducted parellel to the Shoppers Meeting, the findings of which will be further analysed by retailers bearing in mind the feedback from the consumers.

In line with much of what was raised at the Shoppers Meeting, the retailers agreed that Tralee needs to be promoted as a business town located in the heart of Kerry and within reach of tourist hot-spots Dingle and Killarney.

Kieran Ruttledge said: “The key message that we need to get across to shoppers is that every effort will be made to address and remove as many of their concerns as is possible. Retailers now know that they need to communicate more to each other and work with Tralee Chamber Alliance similar to the hotels, tourist attractions and financial sectors in Tralee.“

He said that this was not a one-off exercise but rather the beginning of continuous retailer/shopper engagement to create a win-win experience for Tralee as the Business Capital.

The Shoppers‘ Meeting, Survey of Retailers and Footfall Measurement Project has been led by Retail members of Tralee Chamber Alliance and the Institute of Technology Tralee.

All business owners and managers in Tralee are encouraged to join Tralee Chamber Alliance and can do so at 18 Denny Street, Tralee with varying membership prices. For full details please contact Kieran Ruttledge on 066 7121472 or email

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