Councillors Approve New Greenway From Cockleshell Road To The Spa

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The proposed greenway will run along the coastline from Cockleshell to the Spa.

TRALEE Municipal District councillors have approved the development of a greenway from Cockleshell Road along the coast to Spa village.

The councillors unanimously approved the project at the meeting of Tralee MD this morning. The greenway will link with the already established route from Cockleshell to the Lock Gates and down to the Marina in town.

The proposed development consists of the construction of a 2km long greenway, comprising a 3m wide bitumen macadam paved surface, agricultural fencing on the landward side of the greenway, and associated drainage works.

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The Greenway will extend from Cockleshell Road in the townland of the Kerries East, through the Kerries West and finish at The Spa in the townland of Ballygarran and is for the sole use of pedestrians and cyclists only.

Sixteen submissions were received in the public consultation process. There will be one amendment to the plan where concerns about motorists — due to the narrowness of the road — backing onto the greenway at Cockleshell will be alleviated by adding gates on the roadside at the greenway to prevent cars moving onto it.

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