Fair Play To Na Gaeil, Nice Guys Do Finish First

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The Na Gaeil senior team 2014.

The Na Gaeil senior team 2014.

IN Kerry GAA, sitting right up next to the teacher and top of the class for 2014 are Na Gaeil.

On Monday night the senior side, picked up this year’s ‘Fair Play League Award’.

Because of their good behavior the senior lads have earned their club a cool €1,000. Na Gaeil also won Division 4 along the way, in a rare case of nice guys finishing first.

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Over the course of the league campaign, the Tralee club amassed only 12 yellow cards, three black and not a single red. This was -3 yellow cards ahead of their closest rivals for the accolade, Dromid Pearses.

“One thing we always promote going out is discipline,” said Na Gaeil manager, Aidan Carmody.

“At the start of the year we discussed the award, but as the year went on it was put on the back burner, we were just focusing on promotion to be honest,” said Aidan.

“Out of the winnings we’ll buy new gear for the senior team and maybe bring them out for a bite to eat some night,” said Aidan.

Fair play lads!

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