My Fashion Fix: Isabel Doody

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‘My Fashion Fix’ is a new series where’s Lisa O’Mahony asks people in Tralee about their style faves.

This week she met Isabel Doody, a 22 year-old make-up artist, who loves all things patterned.  Originally from Castleisland, Isabel filled us in on what fashion is for her….

Isabel Doody. Photo by Lisa O’Mahony.

The Outfit…

My shirt is from Topshop in Tralee. I love Toyshop. They always have really nice, really different patterns, and decent enough value for the quality. The jeans are from Pull & Bear. My jacket is from River Island and the bag is from Penneys.”

Beginning of her fashion love affair…

“It really got going for me when I started working in Shindig because I was working with clothes all the time, so I got really interested then. And I got to see all the new stock coming in!”

Continued below…


Personal Fashion Philosophy

“I kinda’ just work around my make up. So I usually go with a patterned shirt and plain pants, or vice versa. I would never do too much with either one cause I wear heavy make up, with dyed hair, so I try to keep it a bit muted. I can’t wear dungarees. Just no! Or wide-legged pants, you know those kind of flowy disco pants? I just can’t wear them. I like to keep it neat.”


“I look on instagram a lot. Certain Instagrammers and YouTubers like Helen Anderson, and Alexa Chung in terms of celebrities.”

Worst Fashion Fail

“I was out and I was wearing a pencil skirt, and it was tucked up after the bathroom. I hadn’t it pulled down properly. So, yeah, that would definitely be a fashion disaster!!”

You can check out Isabel’s Instagram page here

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