Finally, Someone Makes Nonsense Of Brolly’s Comments On Colm Cooper

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Colm Parkinson has brought up Brolly over comments on Cooper in his Sunday Indo column.

A ONE time winner of a Sigerson Cup title with IT Tralee has defended Colm Cooper in the national media after a scathing article by Joe Brolly at the weekend.

Newstalk 106 GAA pundit, Colm Parkinson, has responded in the Irish Independent to Brolly’s assertions that Colm Cooper  “…is not a leader. In adversity, he fails,” and that Cooper doesn’t perform in big games where teams put it up to Kerry.

Parkinson has labelled Brolly an ‘attention seeker’ and pulled up a number of inconsistencies in the Derry man’s argument.

“I was disappointed to see Joe Brolly have a needless pop at Gooch again in the Sunday Independent,” said Parkinson.

“He (Brolly) points to games Colm Cooper didn’t play well in, sometimes conveniently narrowing it down to second halves, because Gooch happened to be excellent in the first. He leaves out big games Gooch played well in and points to his performances in games his team lost,” said Woolly.

“Joe should know better than anyone, that a corner-forward is very dependent on the supply of ball he receives. If your team goes out of a game, it is difficult to perform let alone be a leader from corner-forward.”

“Amazingly, and this is hard to believe, in his ‘Gaelic Life’ column last week he wrote this about his two favourite players: “Say nowadays there is a truly great player on a team. Like Michael Murphy or Aidan O’Shea. He will immediately (unless you’re playing Mayo), be double- and treble-marked. Therefore, his statistics will suffer.”

“So Murphy and O’Shea get a pass because they were double and treble-marked but Gooch is slated. Gooch is double-marked, with a sweeper standing in front of him, in most games he plays”.

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