Omitting Denny Street As Possible Rank Was “A Farce” Says Tralee Taxi Association Chairperson

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Chairman of Tralee Taxi Association, Terry Boyle.

THE Tralee Taxi Association Chairperson has described the omission of Denny Street from the proposed plan for the location of taxi ranks put out for public consultation, as “a farce” and “Fawlty Towers stuff”.

Terry Boyle was reacting immediately after the meeting of Tralee Municipal Councillors on Friday, where they took the decision to approve the location of full time and part time ranks in the town.

“We’re disappointed, but not surprised. Once again we have a consultation process that the Council got wrong. The response [from the public in submissions] was Denny Street, but they missed it,” said Mr Boyle.

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“Probably everyone in Tralee would recognise Denny Street as a location for a potential taxi rank, but the Council didn’t put it on the proposal for public submissions. It’s unbelievable, Fawlty Towers stuff!”

Because Denny Street was not included on the proposal, it meant the councillors could not consider it as a possible location for a rank in the new byelaws. It was agreed by councillors that there would be a review of the rank locations on September 1, 2018.

Did he take any comfort with the inclusion of full time spaces on Bridge Street?

“No, unfortunately. You’re going to see a reduction in the number of taxis over the coming months. This is one issue, but insurance is another big one going forward. It’s the public that will end of suffering because of decisions taken today.”

Is there any further action to be taken by the Tralee Taxi Association as a result of the decision?

“No, that’s it, but it was bungled. As you can see from traders submissions [in a Tralee Chamber Alliance questionnaire] Denny Street was an overwhelming suggestion. This is not good for anyone, what’s happened here is a farce,” he said.

Among the huge amount of submissions on the issue from the public, were the results of a questionnaire issued by Tralee Chamber Alliance to businesses with regard to Denny Street.

Of the 59 respondents, it showed 32 in favour of a day/night rank on Denny Street with 24 against and 3 no comments. However, when asked if they would be in favour of losing further parking spaces on that street, 46 were against and 11 for.

Full time (24hr), permanent main appointed stands

1. Bridge Lane (7 spaces)

2. Abbeycourt (8 spaces)

3. Edward Street (6 spaces)

4. Bridge Street (2 spaces — one outside Shaws, one outside ‘Small’ Benners)

Part time, permanent main appointed stands

5. Russell Street (3 spaces — starting outside Dish restaurant) — 6.30pm to 8.30am

6. The Mall (4 spaces) — 7pm to 7am

7. Upper Castle Street (2 spaces — near Hennessys Bar) — 6.30pm to 8.30am

8. Abbey Car Park (7 spaces — running down to Cassidy’s Restaurant) — 6.30pm to 8.30am

9. Bridge Street (1 space — next to ‘Small’ Benners permanent taxi space) — 7pm to 7am

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  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    The problem is the Council is just trying to correct the previous planning errors that destroyed the ambiance and removed the old Tralee towns good characteristics.

    Denny Street should have had the taxi rank restored to its traditional central area of course. if it ain’t broke!

    However, it should be clear to everyone that reconstruction for a Taxi rank in Denney Street now is no longer feasible. Maybe in the future, the next time renovations paid for by the tax payer occurs unless the taxi drivers can’t wait and want to pay for it themselves!

    But at least traffic flow has been restored to normal lanes in Denney Street, it’s nice to have two way traffic again.

    I feel the mall is too important as a pedestrian zone to be given over to a Taxi rank at the expense of the towns people.