Orlagh Winters: Kerry Ladies Are Champions In Style At The Banquet

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Orlagh Winters ProfileAS the old saying goes, behind every good man there is a good woman and this has never been more true of the wonderful girls behind the Kerry boys.

At the helm is Eamonn Fitzmaurice who is married to the stunningly beautiful Tina. On Sunday night at the post match banquet in Ballsbridge, Tina looked a million dollars in her Tina Griffin designed jumpsuit. She wore the perfect accessories in a coloured jewel neckpiece and of course the best accessory of all, the biggest smile possible.

Huge credit goes to the girls behind the boys and it was so lovely to hear Kieran Donaghy aka Star give his beautiful wife Hilary the fitting tribute in his post-match interview.

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Eamonn Fitzmaurice and his wife Tina at the banquet on Sunday night.

The girls really do make huge sacrifices in the weeks and months during the football season. Red was Hilary’s chosen colour on Sunday night and with her tall frame and slim figure, she looked like a Hollywood starlet. No one looked more proud than her hubby Star.

Obviously there is a stylish gene running through the Galvin family and this was never more evident on Sunday night in partner of Killian Young, the gorgeous Catriona Galvin. In a floor length royal blue Tina Griffin creation, Catriona lit up the room.

Once again accessorizing played a major part in the outfit and she had it down to perfection in an art deco necklace and a super sleek hair style.

I wonder do the girls have a night in one of their houses discussing their dresses over a glass or two of vino. It must be very exciting but also a little nervewracking as all eyes will be looking to see their chosen ensembles. Then there is the added stress of the RTE cameras filming them at their tables on the night.

Knowing my luck I would have a bread roll in my mouth as the camera passed by. The girls conducted themself in a manner fitting to Kerry royalty and they all looked so great beside their men who, let’s be honest looked incredibly dapper in their three piece suits from Sean Hussey menswear.

How they all go back to normal after such a high is a mystery and it is one that I’m sure that they will want to repeat year after year. The ladies I am sure will have a few well earned nights with their menfolk out to make up for their missing husbands and boyfriends during training season.

Once again what was evident over the last few days is that Kerry girls sure know how to be Queens when it comes to fashion. Congrats to you all!

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Stay stylish!!
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