Orlagh Winters: Women Need To Stop Bringing Each Other Down

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Orlagh Galway 1

Orlagh (centre) with friends at the Galway Races.

GALWAY was where it was at last week and boy was it fun!

Racing, friends, a little champers and lots of craic is always the recipe for a good meeting. I caught up with my childhood friends and lots of the Cork and Kerry girls too.

Ladies Day at any race meeting is always a great day out and this year in Galway was no exception.

What struck me however is when the winner was announced there was suddenly a barage of abuse on all public forums.

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I have said it before and I will say it again, style is subjective and although you may not agree with the winner, it is really uncalled for to disect the winning ensemble and attack the girl’s character.

The judges chose her and their opinions are what matters on the day.

Women need to start building each other up and not tearing each other down. How many times have you heard a girl say about another “Look at the state of that” or “Jesus, who let her out like that?”

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STOP!! Who are any of us to judge someone else’s appearance? If a girl is happy and confident enough to wear what she is comfortable in then let it be, it is none of our business.

Who are we to give our opinion as gospel? This also goes for the opposite side of the spectrum. Why when we see a girl with the latest handbag or designer shoes do we feel the need to criticize her spending?

It doesn’t affect our day to day living so why do we think it is appropriate to offer an insult? If she wants to spend every penny she has on shoes and bags that is her perogative.

Social media has become a horrible place for some. If you dare to post a picture of a night out, a glitzy party or a holiday snap you are immediately met with the begrudgers.

Next time you meet them you get “You have a great life and it’s well for some” or “It’s a great country”. What has happened to being happy for someone?

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I spoke on Thursday night to a girl who, as one of her hobbies, attended many race meetings. She loves getting dressed up, has a lovely day out with her mother and has been in the winning enclosure lots of times.

We discussed at length about the need by some women to vent their own frustrations on those that they  portray are having a better life than them.

Jealousy is a horrible trait and one I can thankfully say I have never possessed. Sure I would like to be a few inches taller and a few pounds lighter but I don’t hate those who are.

You only have to look at the abuse that Cheryl Fernandez-Versini received about her latest look to see that jealousy and abuse is alive and well. Sure she is thinner than before, I am sure she has noticed herself but there is certainly no need to attack her on every website.

This week instead of being jealous of someone, be happy that they are enjoying life. Be happy with what you have and strive to improve yourself in some small way be it mentally or physically.

Until next week,

Be nice!

Orlagh xx

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