Pres Milltown Girls Win National Competition

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Pictured Presentation Secondary School Milltown students Amber Pomeranz and Lauren Lehane winners of the ‘The Story of Your Stuff’ competition. Photo by Domnick Walsh

THE EPA has found the winners of this year’s national ‘The Story of Your Stuff’ competition and they’re from Kerry.

Amber Pomeranz and Lauren Lehane, students at Presentation Secondary School Milltown, teamed up to tell the story of chewing gum – from its history to how it’s currently manufactured and how innovative ways are being found to reduce its negative impact on the environment after use.

This is the second year the EPA has hosted their secondary school competition, The Story of Your Stuff.  Dr Easkey Britton, five-time Irish national surf champion, was chosen as the ambassador for this year’s campaign.

Students were asked to submit stories about the life cycle of an everyday object with an underlying theme of recycling and sustainability.

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The submitted entries focused on everything from wellies to wheels. The judges were impressed with the entrants’ ability to approach the competition with a creative and refreshing perspective.

Speaking about the winning entry, Dr Easkey Britton said; “Congratulations to winners Amber and Lauren for their unique and highly creative perspective on the story of chewing gum. Incredibly well researched, beautifully illustrated using stop motion techniques, with a cyclical narrative and strong take-away message and solutions for a cleaner environment and healthier society.”

Although Amber and Lauren faced tough competition from students around the country, their innovative use of animation and their storytelling skills captured the judges’ attention and helped them claim the overall prize.

The prize for Amber and Lauren includes a €500 cheque for themselves and an additional €500 cheque for their school, Presentation Secondary School Milltown.

The school will also enjoy a presentation by Easkey Britton as part of the prize. You can watch the girls short video below.

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