Public Support Needed For National Sunflower Days Next Week

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No fee for repro - please credit Paul Sherwood - copyright Paul Sherwood © 2015. Irish Hospice Foundation. Launch of Sunflower Day 2015, and presentations to local ÒSunflower HeroesÓ who give tirelessly of their time to bring vital hospice services to communities all over the country.

Twins Patrick and Keelin O’Farrell launch Hospice Sunflower Days which take place on June 5th and 6th. Volunteers will be selling sunflower pins and merchandise in aid of the hospice movement. All funds raised locally, stay locally. Photo credit: Paul Sherwood

KERRY people are being encouraged to come out show their support next week for the ‘Kerry Hospice Foundation’ on the National Sunflower Days of June 5 and June 6.

The two days are one of the biggest annual fundraisers for the hospice movement in Ireland, so it is hoped that as many people as possible can come out to lend a hand, by purchasing various pieces of Sunflower merchandise – including sunflower pins for €2 each from collectors on the streets of cities, towns and villages across Kerry.

The money raised by the ‘Kerry Hospice Foundation’ this year will be going towards helping support the hospices home care service and will also go towards the cost of building a new in-patient unit which is set to cost approximately €5.5m.

A recent national survey commissioned by the Irish Hospice Foundation revealed that 75 per cent of Irish people want to die at home – however only 25 per cent will get to do so partly due to lack of services.

“There is probably not a family in Ireland that has not been touched by the amazing work carried out by hospice services across the country,” said RTE Broadcaster Mary Kennedy.

“The care and support afforded to families in need, at a very difficult time, is so important and I am encouraging members of the public to show their support for Sunflower Days once again this year. By simply buying a pin you are helping to bring comfort and dignity to people at the end-of-life,” said the broadcaster.

“We appeal to people to support their local service so patients and families can get help at a time of greatest need. Sunflower Days is a vital source of funding for local hospice services so please donate on June 5th & 6th and if you have a few hours to spare please consider volunteering,” Pat Quinlan, Chief Executive Officer of Milford Care Centre and Chair of the Voluntary Hospices Group said.

For more information and to volunteer with your local hospice service for ‘Hospice Sunflower Days’ visit the website here.

To volunteer with the Kerry Hospice Foundation on Sunflower Days contact Ted Moynihan on 066 7121885.

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