Rescue Helicopter Called To Blennerville For Search Later Deemed A False Alarm

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Rescue False Alarm

The Shannon Rescue helicopter over the canal. Photo by Gavin O’Connor.

YESTERDAY evening, the Shannon Rescue Helicopter was called to Blennerville for what eventually turned out to be a false alarm.

A search was carried out on the marshland which was flooded just opposite Kearney’s Road near the old Tralee to Blennerville to Tralee train tracks.

Someone alerted the Velentia Coastguard that someone had possibly fell into the water in the area.

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A complete search was done of the canal area with the helicopter – assisted by the Glenderry Coastguard on the ground – moving slowly along the area from the aquadome up to Blennerville.

It was called off at approximately 5:30am with the search deemed a false alarm.

There was a high tide in the canal at the time which flooded part of Kearney’s Road.

Rescue workers search the area around the canal amd Kearney's Road. Photo by Gavin O'Connor.

Glenderry Coastguard members search the area around the canal and Kearney’s Road. Photo by Gavin O’Connor.

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