VIDEO: Castleisland Woman’s Project Teams Up With Top US TV Show

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Niamh Geaney’s ‘Twin Strangers’ project has teamed up with the ‘Today Show’ on NBC to help find doppelgangers in the U.S.

A PROJECT started by Castleisland woman Niamh Geaney and her friends has reached one of the highest echelons of TV coverage after it recently teamed up with the hugely popular US TV programme, ‘The Today Show’ on NBC.

Niamh Geaney, Harry English and Terence Manzanga are the three friends behind the ‘Twin Strangers’ (TS) project that has now grown into something beyond what the friends could ever have expected.

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The project gained widespread recognition when Niamh found her almost identical lookalike (see previous story here) and has now gone even further with this partnership.

They have teamed up with the immensely popular television programme, which is regularly viewed by close to 5 million people, in a bid to encourage more people in the US to sign up to the site, in the hope of finding more doppelgangers for people.

The popular US show started to sit up and take notice of the TS project when the group uploaded a video of the very first meeting between two doppelgangers in the US.

“We got a huge amount of media attention after the release of our first ever US meet up involving Ambra from North Carolina and Jennifer from Texas (see video here) The Today show got in touch off the back of that, wanting to do a meet-up live on the show in Rockefeller Plaza in New York and who could say no to that!” said Niamh Geaney when talking to yesterday.

“They had been following my story until now so it’s amazing to see it grow and to think that now we have the chance to bring a few doppelgänger pairs together from around the US,” she continued.

“We want as many people as possible to have the chance to find their doppelgängers and the more people that are registered the more chance everybody has of finding an exact match,” Niamh said.

“Twin Strangers is hugely popular in America and all around the globe. Just this week I’ve seen new users from the likes of Mayotte, Bahrain and Belarus sign-up. It really is a global phenomenon and an incredible thing to witness.”

Did she expect the project to take off the way it has?

“No we most certainly did not. What began as three friends with a bet to see which one of us could find our doppelganger in 28 days, to become what it has become: we now have a website called with over half a million people registered from around the globe trying to find their doppelganger, it’s unbelievable!” she said.

Check out the video down below…

We were on NBC’s Today Show!We’re looking for US Doppelgängers to fly to New York and meet for the very first time! Thanks Today Show for getting the ball rolling, if you haven’t registered yet, sign up now on

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Posted by Twin Strangers on Wednesday, 7 October 2015

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