VIDEO: Girls Go Without Phones For 72 Hours…And Survive!

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Leandra Nana and Nina Duggan of Mercy Mounthawk school.

Leandra Nana and Nina Duggan of Mercy Mounthawk school.

TWO Tralee students lived through what many of their peers would consider their worst nightmare at the weekend.

Leandra Nana and Nina Duggan, Transition Year students at Mercy Mounthawk took part in the experiment for Radio Kerry’s Talkabout programme to give up their phones for 72 hours. And they lived to tell the tale!

“I kept reaching into my pocket every few minutes,” Leandra said. “I kept forgetting that I didn’t have it. I missed it a lot and realised I really depended on my phone. I thought I could go without it, but now I realise that I can’t,” Leandra told Deirdre Walsh of Radio Kerry.

“It was kinda nice for a while not having it. You felt disconnected from everything, but in a good way. You get a bit of time to yourself. You can do your own thing,” Nina said.

“I had a lot of missed calls from over the weekend. I’d be on the phone every few minutes, playing games and on the internet a lot,” said Nina.

It was an interesting experiment but Leandra said she wouldn’t do it again. Nina, however, said she wouldn’t mind.

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