Volunteers Wanted For Cosmetic Validation Services At IT Tralee Centre

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SHANNON Applied Biotechnology Centre (Shannon ABC), a research centre at IT Tralee, is looking for volunteers to partake in Cosmetic Product Validation Studies.

Shannon ABC has been conducting research with cosmetic companies for over 6 years, to assist them in the validation of their products.

Shannon ABC, IT Tralee has significant expertise in the area of skin research and has, over the past number of years built up experience in the area of claim support and mode of action studies for a number of cosmetic and nutri-cosmetic companies.

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The characteristics of the skin such as hydration, moisturisation and elasticity are incredibly difficult to quantify by eye or by feel.

To truly and objectively determine the characteristics of the skin, the use of skin probe analysis on human volunteers is of paramount importance to cosmetic companies.

Different parameters of the skin such as hydration, moisturisation or elasticity are measured using safe, hygienic and non-invasive skin probes, following the application of the product.

For this purpose, male and female volunteers, who are over 18, are sought by Shannon ABC. The service provides a way for companies to validate claims such as ‘moisturising’ and ‘hydrating’ in a standardised, quantitative way.

All products are certified as safe and are being tested solely for validation of claims.

Shannon ABC have tested a range of products using the skin testing probes, aimed at both female and male demographics.

Over 100 participants have so far taken part in this testing, based on the South campus of IT Tralee.

The data produced has assisted indigenous Irish companies to benchmark their products, select the most effective raw materials for efficacy and market their product based on actual impact.

The most common measurement requested by these companies is for moisturisation, however the equipment at Shannon ABC allows for other types of skin specific measures to be made also.

This Cosmetic Validation Service allows members of the public to become the first to try new, improved and exciting products before they go to market.

It is also an opportunity for volunteers to help Irish companies in the development and marketing of their cosmetic products.

Dr Joanna Tierney, founder of the service commented, “we seek feedback from our volunteers and their experience is a very positive one, they are a central part to us being able to help Irish companies and so they are a key part of this service”.

Participants who complete a phase of testing will receive a One4all voucher as a token of appreciation.  For more information on how to get involved please call 066-7144263 or email info@shannonabc.ie

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