Young People Receive Awards At Christmas Day Party In KDYS

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Gardaí with award winners at the ceremony held on Christmas Day at the KDYS.

THIRTEEN local children were honoured on Christmas Day at an awards ceremony and party in the KDYS Hall on Denny St organised by The Happy Memories Store (Courthouse Lane) and the Tralee Chamber Alliance.

The event was the Valued Inspirational People awards and people were asked to nominate young people who play an active part in the community, in their home, in their school, has fought against the odds and showed bravery or for any other reason people could think of which would make them deserving of the accolade.

“This was our first year organising the awards and the party and we are thrilled that we could honour these amazing kids and their families,” said Yvonne Dineen, co-director of Happy Memories CLG along with Laura Kelliher.

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“It was a great community effort with local volunteers and businesses chipping in to throw a fantastic party,” continued Yvonne. The award winners were Evan, Alex and Dylan Nealon, Shannon Fitzgerald, Sara Klien, Sinead Evans, Hayley Callaghan, Cáit Healy, Kyle Deady, Taylor O’Brien, Grace Roche, Killian and Gwen Forde.

“These kids have made a very positive contribution to their families and their communities and they deserve to be recognised,” said Brian Stephenson from the Tralee Chamber Alliance.

“We had a small window to organise the party but the business community and volunteers weren’t found wanting. We really do have great community spirit in Tralee and that means we can be very optimistic about the future of the town” added Brian.

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