New Survey Reveals What Kerry People Cook On The Barbecue

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Kerry people are creatures of habit when it comes to what they cook at a barbecue.

FANCY a barbecue this week? While today might be dull, the rest of the week is looking very good indeed so the aroma of burgers, sausages and steaks will be wafting through the estates of Tralee over the next few days.

A new survey reveals Kerry people are creatures of habit when it comes to what’s on the menu at BBQ time. Research, conducted by SuperValu, has dived into the BBQ habits of the Kerry public and reveals some interesting food findings.

According to research 42% of Kerry folk stated they cook the same food every time they BBQ, with burgers (93%), sausages (90%), chicken (80%) and ribs (32%) the first meats they throw on the barbie.  Only 19% of Kerry natives plan on cooking steak on the BBQ this summer.

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Nationally, those aged between 45 and 54 years are the most adventurous grill masters, disagreeing that they always grill the same foods when they BBQ.

SuperValu’s survey results determined quality of the meat as the most important consideration (60%) for Kerry consumers deciding on what meat to purchase, followed by value (21%) and range of meat available (12%).

When visiting their local SuperValu butcher, the people of Kerry continue to opt for Striploin Steak as their beef cut of choice, followed closely behind by Sirloin Steak.

Kerry Locals Top Five Beef Cuts:

• Striploin Steak
• Sirloin
• Mince
• Rib Eye
• Round Roast


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