Candidate Calls On Council To Engage In Awareness Campaign Of Bogus Collections

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Ben Slimm.

A LABOUR Party candidate for the Tralee Municipal District, Ben Slimm, has called for Kerry County Council to engage in a campaign to make people more aware of illegitimate collections of clothing, toys and other items.

The scam normally involves a bag or sticker being delivered by hand through residential letterboxes calling for the occupants to gather unused clothing, toys, watches, jewellery and other such items and leave them outside on a specified day to be collected and donated to charity.

However, the sticker or bag received is not marked with a registered charity number and often the contact details are not active or incorrect.

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Remarking on the situation Ben Slimm said: “It isn’t clear what happens to the items donated, however there is always the risk that items unwanted could be disposed in landfill or worse, illegally dumped across our county, leaving a real issue where those who originally donated in good faith could be found and fined for illegal dumping.”

“Kerry County Council should engage in an awareness campaign – that could be implemented easily online – to inform citizens and protect our town from illegal dumping. When asked to donate to what seems to be a charity I would advise people to check they have an active registered charity number and if in doubt check the charities regulator website; If you receive one of these stickers or bags through your letter box it can be reported to the regulator on 01 633 1550.”

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