CBS Students In Sleepout To Highlight Homelessness Issue

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Teachers Liz Doyle and Geraldine O’Dwyer with CBS students in front, Brian O’Sullivan, Robert Kerins, Paul McCarthy and Tadhg Kerins. At back; Neil Stuart, Liam Magee and Daniel Porojan. Photo by Dermot Crean

STUDENTS from CBS The Green will sleep outside the school on Friday night to raise awareness of the issue of homelessness in Ireland.

The Peace and Justice and Student Council are in the middle of a campaign on the issue and a number of events have taken place, culminating on Tuesday, April 24, when the High Hopes Choir from Cork will perform with the CBS choir at the school.

The boys have also devised a petition, with the help of Ronan Doherty Director of Novas in Tralee, which states that they believe everyone has a right to a home and they would like to get the right to housing recognized in our constitution.

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While fund raising did play a part in the students campaign, their main aim was to raise awareness of the deepening crisis of Homelessness in Ireland and be a voice for those who experience it.

During the campaign they held a public collection for NOVAS, collected cleaning products for NOVAS, held a poetry and writing competition, carried lanterns on a Camino walk from Camp to Annascaul to highlight the issue and put up graphics and posters around the school.

They discovered that in Kerry in 2017 there were over 42 families in Emergency Accommodation. In their research and participation they discovered that homelessness is not just those you pass on the street, it’s those who don’t have a place to call home to themselves.

Before the campaign some students didn’t know what social housing was, but now they are very aware of the inadequate supply of affordable and social houses in Ireland.

This Friday around 20 students  and some staff will sleep outside from 9pm to 7am in an event to coincide with Focus Points “Ireland’s Great Get Together”. A fundraising page for the event has been set up here

On Tuesday next they plan on presenting the petition to a member of Kerry County Council at the High Hopes concert in the school.

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  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    Kevin Sharkey: Irish people should be prioritised in Ireland & open borders need to close:

    The issue is one of limited resources via a social welfare system and Irish people are not a priority for housing.
    Well, Irish travellers are and good as at least some of my Irish people will get prioritised.
    But, just like the so called “local need” ruling for one off housing in the country side, which has been successfully challenged in the EU courts. I think the EU courts would also find this county council rules on priority are illegal too if challenged on grounds of equality.
    So, maybe someone will – is there a law student out there that wants to help their Irish people with this!