Daly Says Sinn Féin In Government Would Deliver 20,000 Houses A Year

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KERRY Sinn Féin general election candidate, Cllr Pa Daly, has said that his party will deliver an average 20,000 houses a year and 100,000 over the lifetime of a government.

Cllr Daly said housing is one of the big issues coming up when canvassing on the doorstep.

“The lack of supply is contributing to high rents, buying a home is just too unaffordable for many, and many more are left waiting years on council waiting lists,” said Cllr Daly.

“The solution to this is simple. If in government, Sinn Féin will deliver 100,000 public homes on public land; including 60,000 social homes, 30,000 affordable purchase homes and 10,000 affordable rental homes. This would benefit Kerry hugely.”

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“As it stands, rents in Kerry continue to go up and the solutions being introduced by Fine Gael are not working. We need a change in tactics and new solutions. We in Sinn Féin have those solutions and are fully committed to implementing them.

“The solutions we have are not Dublin centric and will put money back in people’s pockets. A Sinn Féin Minister for Housing would take emergency action by reducing rents by up to €1,500 a year with a refundable tax credit, alongside introducing an emergency three-year freeze on all existing and new rents,” he said.

“This would be accompanied by increasing stock of affordable rental accommodation and reducing the State’s reliance on subsidised private rental accommodation to meet social need.”


  1. Reduce the pension age back to 65 and you will have my no 1 vote

  2. Matty O'Leary says:

    Tilly, typical baby boomer selfish – what a selfish attitude.

    The only way they can reduce the pension age is to reduce the pension or due to decades of declining birth rates of Irish people means to import immigrants for them to pay – hence, multiculturalism or population replacement.

    But, baby boomers will be long dead and gone and their children and their children’s children have to live with the permanent consequences of this change to our unique race, culture and society for better or worse!