David Henry: Songs In The Key Of Life

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Abbey Inn Festival

Dave HenryDAVID Henry is the drummer for local band Enemy Armada who are currently working on a new studio album.

These are some of the tracks that charted Dave’s life…

20th Century Boy – T-Rex

You’ve only got to play the opening five seconds to this track to hear why it is such a classic and one of my all time favourite tracks.

It’s such a good rock song, uplifting and enjoyable, such a rarity in music these days. The guitar riff intro and the melodic backing vocals are really catchy and are a huge part in what makes this track so enjoyable.

Also, any time a T-Rex song comes on, my father tells this story where he claims to have single-handedly been the reason for their rise to success.

One night he and all his mates were in a pub and they accidently picked a T-Rex song on the jukebox, nobody knew who this band were but after hearing the song once the whole pub kept replaying the song over and over. Guess Marc Bolan owes you some publicist fees Da!

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Blasket Festival 2

You Could Be Mine – Guns N’ Roses

It was 1991, I was five years old and heard this sound that I’d never heard before, it was the coolest drum, bass and guitar intro I’d ever heard. My older brother James introduced me to Guns N’ Roses, I guess I was lucky to have older siblings who opened my eyes to bands like these.

This is music that you just don’t listen to at a low volume; you can’t help but turn it up. I used to play it on repeat and try my best to play along on my imaginary drum kit. Songs like this inspire people to pick up an instrument and that’s why I love this track.

Nothing Else Matters – Metallica

By far my favourite band, their music has played a huge role in my life and Metallica is the band that inspired me to play drums.

I don’t play like Lars Ulrich but his attitude and winning mentality is what inspired me to pick up an instrument and start a band.

This is such a great song and as someone close to me always says, “you have to listen to the lyrics” to hear exactly why this song means so much to so many people. I’ve seen them live a few times now and would highly recommend going to their show.

Roxanne – The Police

I remember sneaking into my brother Craig’s room years ago looking for new music and he had The Police complete box set. I didn’t even know who they were but the cover sleeve of the box set was cool so I put the CD in and listened. Roxanne had me hooked instantly, it was weird, reggae meets rock meets something!?

Stewart Copeland with his off beat drumming throughout the intro and verses, until he suddenly explodes into a straight beat lifting the song, all the while driving along with the pulsating kick drum.

I remember my cousin Paul Corky showing me how to play the drums for it and I just fell in love with the song…such a great track to listen and play along to.

Sail – Awolnation

This is such a haunting rhythmic song that is hard not to get hooked into. I like the way live drums are thrown into the mix at various stages to liven up the track and give it a more realistic, in the room vibe.

The lyrics are fantastic and the effect on the vocal is a huge hook, this is another song that you can just hit repeat and listen to all day, great track and great band.

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