Delay To Denny Street Two-Way System As Traders Ask Public To Support Town Centre

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KERRY County Council says there is a delay to Denny Street becoming a tw0-way system and work will not be completed by the May Bank Holiday weekend.

A meeting of Tralee traders on Tuesday night heard that the two-way system will be delayed until June 7, however the Council said no date had been set yet.

The meeting also heard that traders are experiencing a significant drop in footfall over the past few weeks since the work started. Traders were asked to think up ways to promote the town while works are ongoing and they are asking the public to support town centre businesses and to come to town to do their shopping.

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The closure of traffic in the Mall, which was scheduled to start on April 24, has now been put back to after the Bank Holiday weekend.

A statement released by the Council reads as follows: “As previously notified, there will be a period during which Denny Street will remain one-way (not closed) and the Mall will be closed to traffic at the same time.

That period involved may be longer given the complexities of carrying out the works at the junction of The Mall, Denny Street, Castle Street and Ashe Street taking into consideration public safety and maintaining access to local businesses.

The exact timeframe is being discussed with the contractor and no final dates have been agreed. There will be advance notification of this provided to local businesses and the public.

Traffic diversions will be put in place during the period in question and these will be advertised and signposted well in advance.

The statutory road closure for the Mall is in place from 24 April but it will now be after the May Bank Holiday weekend before the Mall actually closes (this doesn’t require a new road closure order).”

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