Deputy Ferris Wants Castleisland To Have Municipal District Of Its Own

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Deputy Martin Ferris.

KERRY’S Sinn Féin TD Martin Ferris has asked the Local Electoral Area Boundary Committee to grant Castleisland its own Municipal District in the upcoming revision of boundaries.

His submission proposes Tralee Municipal District be reduced from a nine seat district to seven, with lands in the north, south, east and west of Castleisland town, currently included in Tralee MD, going to a newly formed district of five councillors.

Deputy Ferris proposes that a new seven-seat Tralee MD would compose of Tralee Urban, Tralee Rural, Baurtegaum, Blennerville, Ballyseedy, Rathass, Doon, Clogherbrien, Ballynahaglish, Ardfert, Tubrid and Banna which, he says, all have strong historical, economic and social ties to the town.

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Deputy Ferris stated; “Castleisland town has been neglected for many years, and has not, unlike other similar sized towns, benefited from tourism or industry. My proposal would see Castleisland at the heart of a new 5 seat Municipal District and it would encompass the surrounding areas which traditionally would have had an affinity with the town.”

“It could potentially kickstart an area of the county which has long been overlooked for development and bring life back to many of the surrounding villages which have also suffered economically. Castleisland should no longer have to remain in the shadow of Tralee and Killarney and should have stand alone Municipal District status.”

“My submission would see Tralee, Listowel, Killarney and South & West Municipal Districts each be represented by 7 councillors and a new Castleisland area with 5 seats to reflect its size,” he said.

Under his submission, Killarney MD would lose its Castleisland area, but gain an area south on the Beara peninsula and some districts to the west, which it would take from the South & West Municipal District.

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